AdvCalDav and OwnCloud

I'm using the latest AdvCalDal ( I have an OwnCloud server setup on my site. I tried to use the OwnCloud Calendar demo with the URL you get by clicking the little CalDav link icon on the OwnCloud calendar. I also tried a direct link to the caldav.php file. Either way I keep getting an EDOMParser exception 'DTD is prohibited Line: 1 <!DOCTYPE html>' on connect. Username and password is correct. Any ideas as to what is going wrong?

first of all, check system with one of apple products you are having and setup OwnCLoud correctly then check out this :

as we have a similar architecture to ICalendar in architecture and design, so, most of settings work with ICloud would work with our component sets in both .net and Delphi. 

if you don't succeed to get correct answer please continue in this topic so, we will define a solution. 

Ryan (TMS Support)