CalDAV / CardDAV access with the OwnCloud Demos

Hi everyone,

I am currently trying the OwnCloud demos (Calendar and Contacts) in conjunction with a Kerio mail server that actually supports CalDav and CardDav. Unfortunately, I always get an exception error:

exception class : EEncodingError
exception message : No mapping for Unicode characters in the multibyte destination code page

OwnCloudContactsDemo.exe System.SysUtils TEncoding.GetString
OwnCloudContactsDemo.exe CloudWebDav 2847 +12 TCustomWebDav.PropFind
OwnCloudContactsDemo.exe CloudWebDav 2661 +3 TCustomWebDav.GetPrincipalPath
OwnCloudContactsDemo.exe CloudWebDav 5597 +11 TCustomCardDav.DoActivateInit
OwnCloudContactsDemo.exe CloudWebDav 2521 +6 TCustomWebDav.Open
OwnCloudContactsDemo.exe uOwnCloudContactsDemo 66 +1 TForm4.Button1Click

Somehow I have no idea how I could narrow down the error further. It seems that the server gives a response that the WebDAV component can't do anything with.

Thanks and Best Regards

Sorry, we do not have experience with Kerio and haven't tested this.
Also, what Delphi version do you use and is this the latest version of the components?

I've tested Kerio Connect with some CardDav Clients (FritzBox 7590, DAVx5 on Android, Apple iOS) and it works.

My Delphi version is 11.2 Patch 1 and the AdvCardDav Component is

I have tested different paths and different user/password combinations. It looks as if the verification of the access data is working so far.