Subscription Manager Bad Behavior

Using Subscription Manager v2.1.0.8 and having several issues that are getting worse.

1 - Downloads show 100% but won't complete and spinnging circle just keeps going
2 - Some items that complete installation still show Orange on the grid, and the "Install" icon
is still active and showing Red "available" version

  1. Can you try latest version v2.2.0.0?
  2. Is there any antivirus / security tool active that could incorrectly interfere?

I just did a clean install of newest D11.3 and still have an issue with how some of the installs appear in
Sub Manager.

Fixinsight Pro and FlexCell DLL appear to have installed correctly, but the Subscription Manager v2.2 still show yellow status.

We are aware of this shortcoming because these are two slightly different products, i.e. one is an IDE plugin and another is a library. These do not leave a trace of install in the registry. We'll look to adapt this though to make it consistent.