Subscription Manager download problem

Having trouble again with subscription manager downloads (same problems I had in September, before it started to show old versions available for downloading).
Now I can only download one file at a time - must exit the program, and then open it again to download other files. Multiple selection download the first file and then stops.

I retested this with TMS Subscription Manager v2.1.0.3 but I could not reproduce this.
This was tested on a Windows 10 operating system.

For example, today's FNC Components update ... I had to download them separately. If I selected 2, only the first worked.

Now I can't update FNC Blox & Cloud Pack. They're asking for the previous version of FNC Core.

Any time I've seen that happen, it's because I tried downloading everything first then installing one at a time.

I've found the safest way to do this is download-install, download-install, etc

You have to install Core first - after that I don't think it makes a difference.

I usually take the time to do a "pseudo clean install":

Use the subscription manager to uninstall all the FNC products.

Close the subscription manager.

Then find the installer directory - usually in :


Go into the individual TMS FNC folders, sort the files by date descending, and delete the last two entries (the most recent zip and setup.exe)


Do this for every TMS FNC xxxx folder

The start the subscription manager, and:

  • download CORE, install,
  • download FNC UI Pack, install

A bit of a pain, but I find I never have problems after that.


There are brand new installers for FNC, dated Oct/23.
I believe they've fixed it. I'll test now.

Hi, we are currently still building. Please await for another couple of hours until ALL the FNC products are updated.

I uninstalled FNC UI Pack, to install core first, now I can't install UI Pack.
It's dated Oct/20th, and asks for the previous version of FNC Core.

Ohh ok. Sorry & thanks.

No worries. The new version of TMS FNC UI Pack to look for is v3.2.2.0. This will be available today in a couple of hours.