Subcription manager - no updates since October

I keep seeing updates in the products (10 for Nov 7, for example).

When I run subscription manager, nothing new is offered in any of the VCL Subscription, Business Subscription, or Component Studio for Firemonkey).

It seems to me various components that should be part of those subscriptions have been updated over the last 7-10 days - but I'm not seeing it.

Is this just me, or is this the way things have always worked and I'm just losing my mind?

As an ALL-Access customer, is there a different mechanism available other than the subscription manager?



Are you sure there is nothing in your machine (antivirus / firewall / proxy) blocking access to our server to get the new data or something in the network that keeps returning cached data?

Absolutely certain: today's updates (Charts and FMX Pack) came through no problem.

Nothing from the updates on the 7th (10 updates I think) showed up - were these all individual products and not part of any Subscription pack?



There were a lot of updates yesterday that are smaller packs that are subsets of TMS Component Pack. As you have TMS Component Pack, you got the update of the full bundle earlier already.


In all the time I've used subscription manager, I've never noticed that it works that way...

Clearly I've lost my mind.

Thanks Bruno!