TMS Subscription Mgr and which versions installed


I love the fact you have a sub mgr program - in your fast evolving suite of components and tools, it is great to have a go-to place to see what is available to me.  I am having some problems though.

The symptom is I run the sub mgr, see something is out of date (e.g. TMS Web Core or TMS component Pack), install, then restarts IDE, restart Sub Mgr and it still says it is out of date. 

I just ran Web Core 0.9.7 again and the wrapper says it is the right version, but then when it goes to install the different versions (seattle / berlin / tokyo) it just says they are 0.9.1.  I had to archive the setup exe folders.

This is happening with all my components I think.

In addition the actual components don't have an about property, so very difficult to see which version you are actually using.

Does this make sense?  What am I doing wrong?

Sorry if wrong forum, but it was the only "install" forum
I am also faced with some of the problems you describe when updating Component Pack and WebCore via Sub Mgr.
If so, I uninstall the products manually, remove all files of these products in appdata\tmssoftware\product-x… folders. Then re-downloading and install via Sub Mgr works correct.

Maybe this helps !

Good luck, Tom

TMS Subscription Manager keeps the information about what is installed in the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\tmssoftware\TMSInstaller

Each product puts the lastest installed version in the registry under:
under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\tmssoftware<PRODUCTNAME>
Can you verify there is something special you do wrt Windows user acounts that products are being installed with a different Windows user account than the one with which TMS Subscription Manager is run?

Thanks Tom & Bruno.  Mine is a pretty standard install of W10 Pro 64 bit.

As I said, it really appears like the "wrapper installer" that works out you need a V9, 10 & 11 Of Delphi does the right thing and has the right version number in the installer. (DEX11)

It appears then it fails to overwrite the earlier setup exe's. so when it runs these, they are still for a prior build ( in my case)

So even when I renamed these folders and tried again, it then runs the correct version against each V of Delphi, but fails to overwrite the original files that were left (pdf docs etc), 

It now says they are running the correct version in the subscription bit.
Just to be clear - the registry settings are set by the installer, but to check the files in disk I need to find a readme. or something.

As I now have it working the registry agrees - my problem will be with the next update and ensuring the docs / components and supporting files are updated.  I'll try and update the main TMS Component pack and see what that comes back with.  

TMS Subscription Manager puts files under c:\users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\tmssoftware\PRODUCTNAME

The installer is launched from there and installs in the folder of choice you can specify in the installer itself. It should add links to the doc in the Windows  Start menu.

Yep, got those, all good, it just seemed to refuse to overwrite them when I was asking it (from the sub mgr) to upgrade.  Maybe it should be running the uninstaller first?

We'll definitely recheck that here and will inform and/or adapt it here to make sure it always works without any hassles.