Installer and Firemonkey subscription

I have the TMS VCL Subscription, TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro, and TMS Pack for FireMonkey.

The last time the subscription manager upgraded, I saw some notice about how it now supports Firemonkey product. However, all I see in the installer choices are VCL subscription items.

Should my other two "packs" also be visible in the subscription manager?


Do you use the correct email/code combination for TMS VCL Subscription and TMS Component Studio for FireMonkey respectively? Each have at least a different code.

Hi Bruno,

I've just tried again (upgraded to XE7 so trying again)- using the same email address as vcl subscription, and the codes as provided in the appropriate TMS registration confirmations.

I still cannot use the subscription manager for "TMS Pack for FireMonkey" or for "TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro."

Does the subscription manager actually support the "packs"?


TMS Subscription Manager supports TMS VCL Subscription / TMS Component Studio / TMS Component Studio for FireMonkey.

I have the same issue, my Subscription manager keeps refusing my email/registration code combination but I can use them to login to the web.

I use Delphi XE7, Windows 8.1 installed on a parallels virtual machine.

Please review that no firewall, proxy, antivirus blocks or interferes with the internet access the TMS Subscription Manager needs.