AdvGlowButton breaking change

In a recent update, you added an 'isDpiChange' parameter to procedure TAdvCustomGlowButton.ChangeScale. This has caused the size of the Notes font to become huge. The notes are so big that they squeeze the main caption out of the button. This happens here on a 200% screen and 100% screen and not on a 150% screen.

I see no comment about this change in the changes list at the top of the file so I cannot see why this change was made. It clearly has some purpose for 'inherited', because the parameter is not used in the function.

Reversing change in the prototype and in the function, to lose this parameter, has restored sanity, both when first displayed and when moving the window between monitors of different dpi.

What Delphi version do you use?

10.4.2; sorry, I meant to add the version. I noticed the problem first when testing with Windows 11, but I then found it also affected our production builds in September. We only use the glow button in one application out of many. We are not using Delphi 11 yet.

Is this TMS VCL UI Pack

Yes, But the change in the component was made between and of AdvGlowButton.pas, and the changes list does not mention any scaling change. I cannot be sure that I would have spotted it and retested if the scale change had been noted, but I do check these change lists for the main functions we use!
As I said, I have now reverted the change to the changescale function parameters (and retained other changes since and the problem has gone away.
The font.size on our buttons is 14 and the NotesFont is 10. We do not touch the NotesFont anywhere in our code, although a long time ago we used to change it on monitordpichanged, because this was not done in the component when the DPI issues all began.

We traced & solved this issue.
The next update will address this.