re Covid19 - download per ip per day limit

Hi ,

Will the tracking of one ip per day for the download be able to set to more than 1 during the Covid19 , where we are restricted to stay at home and too bad my home connections are all the time so bad that it can go lower than 1 MB, and i have multiple devices, LTE , ADSL (yes, no fiber connections) from different ISP, just to cope with my work, so i can switch devices when the connection i am using becomes bad as most people stay at home using internet and also these connections use dynamic IP ,

when my development is stuck because of TMS Webcore
s issues , i need to wait for almost one day for 1 download and some time worst is connection is bad and i cannot switch to another IP because of the daily one IP download per account imposed and feeling very frustrated and could not do anything and it wasted my development time. so i wish to request for removing the restrictions during this time, if times are good , i can go to my office which has a fiber connection of 100MB, that really only require less that 15 minutes or at least a way for us to work around it ?

Or Is there a way for us to download only the updates instead of the big file sizes , 600++ MB ? such as private github , gitlab way of allowing developer to pull changes ?

hope you can consider to remove the restriction during this difficult period.

The restriction is downloads from different IP addresses during a day, for the same IP address, 5 downloads are allowed.

We are all also affected by Covid19, forced to tele-work and forced to reorganize how to work. Priority is that our team continues to provide support.
If there is an issue with downloads, send an email to request a download counter reset. This is at all times possible, also during evenings, weekends, etc...