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from time to time my internet connection is a little bit unstable. If i start a download of my registered product and my connection drops the i am not able to re-download the file for the current day.

Is there any way to get around that limit when the file was only partly loaded?

Thans in advance,

You can always send us an email to request that we reset the download counter.

I just got this today, however I got it on the first time I tried to download an updates to my product that downloaded an error.txt file and not the exe file.

I did change my static ip address because I changed my IP provider to hughesnet; not sure if this cause this issue....

Garnet Pettway

I checked the downloads of your name Pettway and none was logged, so it is not our server stopping the download.

I just tried again and getting the download limit error!


Phone# 6016389936
I noticed that your site shows my Download IP address as or on another products. But No file was downloaded only open text.txt file

But my static IP is:

maybe this is my issue,

I added two pictures showing my ip and the error.txt file that I get when I try to download an update

We see downloads for your account from and 
We see this is an IP address from: United States Texas Brownwood United States Texas Brownwood

The other IP address comes from: United States Washington Seattle

Can this be correct?
Did you verify there is no firewall, antivirus, proxy that could block this download?

Well it looks like the real problem was on my side...
After buying and installing a new Fritz! WLAN stick my connection is now much more stable and i am able to download the version on the first try. :-)
Sorry for bothering you...

Thanks for informing and glad there is a solution.