Download limit

Would it be possible to increase the daily download limit from one I/P address per day to two?

I split a lot of my work between the office at the lab and my home office, so if an update comes down and I install it at the lab, then go home to finish off working, I can't install the update there too. (Okay, I can manually copy all of the install files to a thumb drive and copy them that way, but then my update managers get out of sync, and that's really not convenient). Currently I end up working for a day with an older version of the libraries at one of the locations, which can cause problems if the interfaces change or if new features are added and used.

Two I/P address wouldn't increase piracy, but it would make your user's lives much easier - even more so in this time of more people working from home more.

To help you immediately, you can always send us an email requesting a counter reset.

To change the current implementation to allow for 2 different IP addresses to be used makes somewhat sense. To change and most importantly, to thoroughly test this, requires a considerable effort, so it requires to allocate time/resources for this (and thus time we can't spend on other things)
So, it's mostly a matter of balancing priorities.
Thanks for the reply.

Emailing you after every update is going to be disruptive and a pain for you. I'll just keep muddling through for now.

It's absolutely not a pain to just get an email & reset it here. It happens for other users as well and we make no problem doing this.

I'm in the same position with work and home dev machines. At present I download at one location, copy to a USB stick and take to the other. It's only an issue for me if I forget to take the file and it's the same day for the second install.