Unable to Download Components I Bought.


I am unable to download the TMS Component Pack I bought because it says I have exceeded the downloads for today, but it has been saying this for 2 days now. 

When I first tried downloading them I lost my Internet connection.

On the next attempt a driver on my computer crashed the system. 

And on the last attempt I managed to successfully download it but, stupidly, I downloaded it to my TMS folder.  When I ran the installer it said I had a previous version installed, and that it had to be removed first.  The last time I let the installer remove them it didn't remove everything and I kept getting errors when trying to use the components.  So, like I did last time, I used Control Panel/Programs and Features to uninstall the previous version.  Unfortunately, it deleted EVERYTHING in the TMS folder, including the new version I just downloaded and all of the documents I had already downloaded.

Now I'm unable to work at all because I don't have any TMS components installed and I can't download the new ones I paid for.

TMS Software, can you please respond to the emails I have sent you.  I need to get up and running again ASAP!!!


Steve GIll

The download counter is reset, you should be able to download again.


same here for TMS Component pack. I had problems with the firewall blocking downloads.
When at last I overcame the problem, the message states there where too many downloads... :-(
It's possible to reset it ?
Carlo Wolter

The download counter was reset now.


I have the same problem.
Every time i try to update my Component Pack from to it always say "Maximum nr. of downloads per day exceeded. Please retry later.".
can you please fix it?

The download counter has been reset. You should be able to download again.

Hi Bruno,

I have the same problem. Can you please fix it?