Cannot download my purchased product !!!!!!!!

I paid and I want to download the product. The download failed, and when I want to retry the download, I learned that I can only download the product 1 in 24 hours. That's unbelievable !!! I am very upset !!! How is this nonsense possible at all! I wanted to work and now I have to wait 24 hours? Unbelievable !!!

Please email sales ( and ask a download counter reset. Within a few minutes you will be able to download again.

So that's an incredible solution! moreover , there is " IMPORTANT NOTICE
For security, there is a restriction to download from only 1 IP address per day"
But I logged in through another ISP and therefore a different IP address, and it is still not possible to download the product with the same message. So it is not limited to IP address and day but to account and day !!! which is even more nonsense.

It allows multiple downloads from the same IP address per day.
If another IP address is used, it is normal it is limited to 1 per day, since this IP address potentially belongs to another person who got unwanted access to the account.