RAD Studio 10.1 Update 1

I just wanted to install the packages of the latest version (May 2016) in RAD Studio 10.1 Upgrade 1 but it does not compile.

It holds in TMSIWSystem on line 498
    RaiseException($406D1388, 0, SizeOf(xThreadNameInfo) div SizeOf(LongWord), {$IFNDEF VCL16ORABOVE}PDWord{$ELSE}PUINT_PTR{$ENDIF}(@xThreadNameInfo));

incompatible Types: 'PUINT_PTR' and 'PDWORD'

Any ideas?


Can you please make sure you are using the correct tmsdefs.inc file?

Assuming you are using IW 14, rename tmsdefs140.inc to tmsdefs.inc.
Detailed instructions can be found in install.txt.

I use the correct inc file. Just saw, that the last entry in the inc file is for Delphi XE8. The same in the TMSIWCompilerDefines.inc.

I will add the defines for 10.1, but wonder, way that is not in that files in the last download.

Ups, just discovered, that I had older versions of the inc files in my folder.

Will try it now with the new ones.
Sorry for that.