Delphi 10.2.3

Hi, I just purchased TMS IW Component Pack for Tokyo 10. I have update 3 installed. Going through the MSBUILD process for TMS Intreweb Cloud Pack it errors out saying required  package Intraweb_14_D10_2 not found.  The only intraweb package I have in bin is Intraweb_140_250.bpl.  So I think the package name has changed for at lease update 3. Of course I am using Intraweb 14.0.0 that came with the Delphi installer.

Can anyone help?


We are not aware of any changes regarding IntraWeb 14.0.0. in Delphi 10.2.3.
Can you please make sure you are using the correct TMS IntraWeb Component Pack package?
In this case this should be:

   msbuild IW14TMSD11.dproj
   msbuild IW14TMSDED11.dproj
   msbuild IW14TMSGRIDD11.dproj
   msbuild IW14TMSGRIDDED11.dproj
   msbuild IW14TMSXLSD11.dproj

Detailed instructions can be found in install.txt