D2010 and IW11

When installing package files IW11TMSD2010.dproj and IW11TMSDED2010.dproj, by the way the install.txt shows IW11TMSD2009.dproj (Delphi 2010), I get two errors.

SWStrings.dcu not found
If I remove references to SWStrings then I get
SWSystem.pas not found
I have IW11.0.16 installed

We have traced & solved this problem and will make a release available most likely today that will address this.

Has this issue been fixed? I am still getting the errors.

Did you download the latest version of the components?

Yes, just prior to the post.

Copy tmsdefs11.inc to tmsdefs.inc ! (Registered version only)

Install package files
  - IW11TMSD7.dpk (Delphi 7)
  - IW11TMSD2005.bdsproj (Delphi 2005)
  - IW11TMSD2007.dproj (Delphi 2007)
  - IW11TMSD2009.dproj (Delphi 2009)   
  - IW11TMSD2009.dproj (Delphi 2010)       <----- is this correct?

Install package files
  - IW11TMSDED7.dpk (Delphi 7)
  - IW11TMSDED2006.bdsproj (Delphi 2006)
  - IW11TMSDED2007.dproj (Delphi 2007)
  - IW11TMSDED2009.dproj (Delphi 2009)
  - IW11TMSDED2010.dproj (Delphi 2010)

It's apparently not correct, it should be:

- IW11TMSD2010.dproj (Delphi 2010) 

We'll fix that.

How do I download the latest version?