Mixing purchased library with bundled library

We have a site license for TMS IntraWeb Component Studio.  I recently downloaded the TMS Smooth Controls Pack Special Edition for Delphi 2010.  When compiling a project I get:

Cannot load package 'TMSSmoothControlsPackPkgD2010.'  It contains unit 'AdvStyleIF,'which is also contained in package 'iw10tmssed2010'.

I expect I can create a new package, and put AdvStyleIF (and any other common units) in the shared package.  Then modify TMSSmoothControlsPackPkgD2010 and iw10tmssed2010, removing those units from the 'contains' section and adding a reference to my new package to the 'requires' section.

However, I also expect that I'll receive "compiled with a different version"
errors since the Smooth Controls Pack is pre-compiled against a
different version of AdvStyleIF (and other shared units).

I know I can disable the IW components in projects that are not IW applications, and disable Advanced Smooth Controls for IW projects.  That is not my ideal solution.

Note that we do not use run-time libraries.  So my only concern is design-time support of both component libraries.

What is the recommended solution for this situation? 


Please obtain the latest version v3.2.5.0 of TMS Smooth Controls Pack that implements a workaround for this dependency issue.

How would I do this for the Delphi 2010 Special Edition?  I just downloaded a fresh copy from CodeCentral, and that setup says v2.7.  The product page for TMS Smooth Controls pack allows me to download a demo version, but obviously not the Delphi 2010 Special Edition.  And the Special Edition isn't listed on my registered user download page.

Thanks Bruno!  Also thanks for making the Special Edition available!  I'm hopeful that it may open the door to purchase a full license or perhaps other visually appealing components from TMS.  :)

I suspect that you have just recently downloaded TMS Smooth Controls a first time from CodeCentral. In that case, Embarcadero didn't provide us yet with your email address as customer for Delphi 2010 and downloader of TMS Smoothh Controls and as such, we could not yet add this to your account. Contact us directly by email so we can sort this out.