I am setting up a new development machine and wish to transfer my TMS components onto it. I have installed my TMS Component Pack and TMS Intraweb Component Pack. Both of them work, however in the splash screen the Intraweb pack shows in red with "Trial Version" beside it. The other pack displays normally in the splash screen.

How can I change the IW pack from a trial version to a registered version?

Thank you.

Before installing a registered version, FIRST
delete ALL old version files. This includes ALL old TMS *.DCU, *.OBJ, *.HPP,
*.BPL, *.DCP, *.BPI, *.LIB files. Look for files in your FULL Delphi or
C++Builder library path as well as Windows\System and Windows\System32

I have deleted all old TMS IW files but it still runs in evaluation mode.

This is a brand new machine so it shouldn't have had any old files on it. All I have done is download V5.3.0.0,using my current license and install it.

What else could be the problem?

I still have the pack installed on my old PC which I need to keep going until I am ready to switch over. I checked the license agreement and I am allowed to use the TMS Intraweb pack on all my computers as long as it is only me who is using it. So as far as I can tell I should be able to have it running in registered mode on my old PC and my new one.

Did you download from the registered users area, i.e. AFTER login on our website under "My products"? (and NOT from product page where the trial downloads are)

I still haven't got this working.

My TMS component pack is V6.6 (ie my registration is not current but the version I have is a registered one). My TMS IW component pack is V5.4 (it has not expired).

Is this why the TMS IW component pack runs in trial mode? If I update the TMS component pack will the TMS IW component pack start running in registered mode?

TMS Component Pack does not affect the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack install.

Please scan your FULL hard disk for files IWTMSBASE.*. 
There should be ONLY ONE IWTMSBASE.PAS and IWTMSBASE.DCU file on your hard disk and it should be the version that was installed with the registered version. Delete ALL other instances of files found on your hard disk.
"TMS Component Pack does not affect the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack install."

I thought that should be the case. In any case I have completely removed TMS Component Pack for now.

I have only one copy of IWTMSBase.pas, which is in the folder I installed the pack into. It is the one I downloaded last night using my registered login. When I build the pack


it all builds without any problems. After building the pack and then starting and compiling a new project I get two copies of IWTMSBase.dcu created: one in the same folder the pack is installed in and the other in the Debug output folder for the project. I also get IWTMSBase.hpp created in the Public Documents\RAD Studio\11.0\hpp folder.

Still no difference. I get the red trial warning in the splash screen at startup

"TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro for Delphi/C++Builder XE4 V5.4.0.0 Trial version"

and my Intraweb projects run in evaluation mode.

Are there duplicates of files IW14TMSDXE4UPD.DCP / IW14TMSDXE4UPD.BPL around on your system?

If your problem persists, can you send us the TMSDEFS.INC file that is in your TMS IntraWeb Component Pack source folder?

Only got one of each. Where shall I send the INC file to?

Oops! I forgot to overwrite the INC file last night after downloading it the second time. Now everything is working. Thanks for your help Bruno.