Problems installing Metro on Delphi 2007


I purchased the TMSMetroPkgD2007 but am unable to install.

** Errors received are:
[DCC Error] AdvMetroForm.pas(97): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'ITMSMetro'
[DCC Error] AdvMetroForm.pas(357): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'IsClearTones'
[DCC Error] AdvMetroForm.pas(1135): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'GetMetroFont'
[DCC Error] AdvMetroForm.pas(1691): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'ClearTones'
[DCC Error] AdvMetroWizardReg.pas(25): F2063 Could not compile used unit 'AdvMetroForm.pas'

I suspect you have still an old version of AdvStyleIF.pas / AdvStyleIF.dcu  on your system.
Please scan your hard disk for such old files and remove these.

I am using TMS Component Pack 2007 Version 6.2 (I believe).

(1) Is it ok to remove the AdvStyleIF.pas / AdvStyleIF.dcu files without affecting the current functionality of TMS CP2007 Ver 6.2?

(2) How do I check the version of TMS Component Pack installed?

I'd recommend to update TMS Component Pack to the latest version. This will guarantee these AdStyleIF unit to be in sync.

The reason I bought Metro on its own was because I do not need to upgrade the entire component pack. 

Sorry, but we really cannot guarantee that you can mix whatever old version of TMS Component Pack with a new subset. Please understand that the subsets like TMS Metro Pack use shared files (for obvious efficiency reasons) and it is quite evident that when mixing a subset with a full TMS Component Pack, it requires shared files to be in sync. We offer TMS Component Pack renewals at over 40% discount when you renew at expiry time so we think this is really the best & most convenient offer. With a simple & single install, then you have all components of this bundle.
Bruno Fierens2014-11-29 14:58:53

I understand what you are saying. However, it is not that 'evident' when the components are marketed as 'TMS Metro Controls Pack'. The use of the word 'PACK' conveys the impression that this is a stand alone component, not one that is dependent on being part of the whole, up-to-date component pack for file sharing reasons.

Again, I understand what you are saying and why it is so - just noting it is not at all obvious or evident to a buyer who does not have the need to upgrade their entire component set.


The "normal" path for our customers is to just renew TMS Component Pack. A case like this is very rare and therefore hard to take all these cases in account.
Given that you have now already purchased TMS Metro Controls Pack, we can make a special discount offer to replace this by a regular TMS Component pack update. Please contact our sales if you are interested in this offer.

Thank you. I shall review my requirements and see if this can be factored in.