Error after Install SmoothControls

After installing the smoothControls package on DXE6, the following error occurs:

Cannot load package "TMSSmoothControlsPackPkgDXE6."  It contains unit  "AdvGDIP" , wich is also contained in package "tmsdXE6"

How to correct this error?

TMS Component Pack already contains all TMS Smooth Controls, so there is no need to install TMS Smooth Controls separately when you have TMS Component Pack installed.

OK, in this case how should I proceed?
The components of "Smooth Controls" do not appear in the component palette even after they have been added to the Library.

Do you have the TMS Component Pack fully and correct installed?
Please verify in the IDE that under Component, Install Packages, the packages

are all listed AND active. Then the smooth controls should appear in the component palette.

I have a similar problem. I bought the TMS smooth controls and the TMS grid components.
Both installed and now, I get several error messages like it contains unit 'advgdip'...
How can I solve the problem? --> is not practicable!

Your question was answered by direct email.

Thanks for the quick help!

I would appreciate an answer to this question too.  (Why not just post it here?)  I upgraded to the latest Smooth package for compatibility with Tokyo, and now my XE2 is throwing this error. You showed me how to overcome this in the past, but I cannot remember.

If you have TMS Smooth Controls Pack and another bundle like TMS Grid Pack, please see: