TMs Component Pack Installation problem


I'm having troubles installing TMS Component Pack.
I'm trying to install version on a Windows 7 64 bit machine with RadStudio XE6 and XE7 installed.
I uninstalled previous versions of TMS component Pack.
When I try to install, it says several times that the registration mail or code is incorrect, but it is not.
After three or four times, the installer continues and all seems to go well. All the files are copied and the compiling seems to do well but none .bpl file is created.

Trying manual compile, ilink32 fails because .res files are 16 bits, but the true error is that all the .res files are corrupted.

I tried to download it from TMS Subscription Manager and directly from the web. In all cases download of files is correct, unzipping the downloaded file gives me the setup.exe program and it executes normally.

If I copy the .res files from other installation in other machine with the same Windows 7 64 bit and RadStudio XE6 and XE7 installed, then compiling manually goes well and all the files ar correctly created and installed.

Sometimes, in the log files, appears a registration code slighty different from the actual regcode.

What is happening?
How can i solve it?

Thanks in advance.

  1. Are you sure there is no antivirus tool, proxy, firewall interfering with the internet connection the installer needs?
    2. If you start the installer manually, please make sure to use your TMS Component Pack specific registration email & code.

    If a problem persists, please contact us by email with your registration data & installer log file so we can inspect what is happening.

In fact, I have Panda Antivirus software with firewall.
In the log file, there are "Smart ARP" menaces, registered by the time i was installing your software.
Next time I will try to deactivate the Antivirus and Firewall.
Let's wait.

Thanks a lot.