VCL Pack subscription

Is there any document showing which component packs are targeted to what IDEs and whether they support 64 bit as well as 32 bit projects?

I see mail merge only handles up to delphi 2010, so am trying to determine which packs will replace other vendor products.

Thanks for any insite.

The entire line of TMS software VCL products support 64bit.

The supported Delphi versions are mentioned on each product page, at the ?buy online? section, for example:

I wasn't sure, as some of the demos do not compile as installed for 64 bit systems, and the TMS Asynch32 package - I assumed the 32 meant 32 bit only.  Some have not been updated (Mail Merge) to the newer compiler versions, too.

TMS Async supports both 32 & 64bit. 
TMS MailMerge has not been moved forward. The main reason for this is breaking changes in newer MS Word mail merge automation APIs.   

Another thing cropped up today.  I installed the TMS Multitouch SDK using the subscription manager, but it doesn't show it as being installed yet.  It IS installed, the manager just doesn't update it.

Also, sometimes I have to select install 2 times.  The first time, the system reports incorrect email/install code combination.  Looking at the log file, the subscription manager is using my old TMS Component Pack key instead of the one I log in with now.  Is there a way to correct the key?


Did you do everything using the same Windows user account?
From TMS Subscription Manager, you need to use the TMS VCL Subscription registration email & code.

Yep, same account, single logon.

The Subscription Manager has the correct email and code.

We follow up via email.