tms firemonkey pack ?

Hi I have valid VCL Subscription.

I believe it is now part of tms component pack !

How to get Firemonkey pack, it does not appear to show up as an option to download from the subscription manager.

kind regards



TMS VCL Subscription comprises all our VCL components.
The entire list of included products can be found here: 

TMS Pack for FireMonkey comprises FireMonkey components, not VCL components and is as such not included in TMS VCL Subscription but available separately.

Hi Bruno I think I was reading this !
To adapt our TMS Component Studio
bundle to the changing needs of developers and to make it as attractive
as possible, we're excited to inform that from today, the TMS Pack for FireMonkey is added for all new
TMS Component Studio bundle purchases. It replaces two products, TMS CE
Tools and TMS Unicode Component Pack. This means that with TMS
Component Studio, you now have access to a very wide and rich offering
of components for VCL application development, IntraWeb application
development and FireMonkey cross platform application development at the
same time. Existing users of TMS Component Studio are not affected and
are still entitled to TMS CE Tools and TMS Unicode Component Pack.

So it is not part of TMS Component Bundle ? is that correct ?

I would like to say that because of the way Embarcadero os going there is much cross transfer
between VCL and Firemonkey and it would make better sense to bundle the two together if at all possible.

Also please consider a new subscription type that contails all your tools for simplicity of both developer and greater increase of revenue and exposure.

Kind regards


Your question was about TMS VCL Subscription and not about TMS Component Studio.

We made a change that for new TMS Component Studio purchases, we offer our most used component sets for VCL + IntraWeb + FireMonkey in one bundle.