Installation issue with FlexCel for VCL & FMX 7.21 and Delphi 12.1

The installation procedure of FlexCel 7.21 on a machine with Delphi 12.1 complains that Android SDK is not installed, though it is installed. Any ideas? Is this a problem with Delphi 12.1 and Android Target API level 34?

Yes, they broke this in 12.1. We will be releasing a new setup soon which will work with 12.1.

Any idea of the time frame for the new setup? We are experiencing the same issue.

We are aiming to the end of this week

While we are working on this, is the problem other than the warning? Because you should be able to ignore and it should work. In fact, the fix we are doing is just to make that check different.

But I'd like to know if you found other issue besides the warning if you ignore it. I couldn't see anything else, so if there is something else it would be nice to know before shipping the new version.