Flexcel.vcl install

I am having errors installing flexcel on Delphi 11.1 using smartsetup.

logs.zip (258.8 KB)

thanks for reporting this. it is indeed a bug in the FlexCel distribution, we will fix it soon

Has this issue been fixed yet?

It has been fixed internally, but we are looking at a bigger thing here: FlexCel for linux comes with its own skia.so library, which is what is failing to install here with smart setup.

But Delphi 12 now also comes with Skia4Delphi bundled in, so it makes sense to replace our own skia with that, so you don't have to ship 2 skia so with your app, if you also use Skia4Delphi. But Skia4Delphi doesn't wrap all the methods FlexCel needs, so we are looking into how to fix that. It will take some time still.