D12 - FNC Setup fails

This is a clean D12 installation and all TMS libs newly downloaded. I checked the paths and they are clean. However, the setup of FNC Core fails.

The path C:\Users\bernd\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\23.0\Imports\OSX64 in fact does not exits. But why should it?

C:\RAD\bin\dccaarm.exe does not exist, too. But again, why should it? I haven´t Android as platform.

Thank you for support.

Just ignore the error and continue with the installation. The error is related to missing SDK. The installer does not detect this.

What SDK is missing? How do I fix that and why tries the setup to compile for Android?

If you want to use macOS as a target, you need to connect it to a Mac and import the SDK (run a new sample).

Sorry to insist:

My QA team gets nervous when I tell them to ignore errors.

I understand, but right now, the setup does not detect which SDKs are installed and configured, it just tries to compile for each supported platform regardless of what is selected/configured in the IDE. With TMS Smart Setup, this has been covered. In the future, we might completely switch to TMS Smart Setup or integrate TMS Smart Setup in our installers. The installers are not changed, the only thing that has changed is the error reporting, which has been significantly more sensitive. The errors were always there, they were just not being reported.