Installation from source fails on Delphi XE

Hello TMS team,

I'm trying to install the latest Flexcel from source, on Delphi XE and also on Delphi Rio, using the installation manual which you supply on the web site  

My installation path is "d:\delphi\xt_lib_flexcel".

I'm following all the steps in the installation manual meticulously,  including the setting of the system PATH variable and the IDE's library directory.

My problem: The installation goes 100% problem free in Delphi Rio, but it fails consistently on Delphi XE, with the following error:

bds.exe - Entry point not found
The procedure entry point
@$xp$65_umiscclasses_trtfrun@%TArray__1$29_umiscclasses_tfrtfrun@TRTFRun% could not be located in the dynamic link library

This error appears every time I start the Delphi XE IDE.  
I can exclude the presence of outdated packages on my system, when I search my hard drives for *flex*150.bpl then the only ones I find are the current ones in the directory d:\delphi\flexcel\packages\dXE\win32.


Thanks for reporting this. We've been able to reproduce it here, and we are right now testing a fix.
It is a bug in the way XE handles generics (and it is not the first time we see it). That makes it a little complex to workaround since the only way is to try different constructs until one doesn't show the error.

We'll have a new build available for next week with this fixed.

Hello Adrian,

any news on the new build?
Should be coming in a couple of days. We are finishing rendering of log charts right now, and after that is ready we will be launching it. This release also has support for Rad Studio 10.4 beta which took more time than it should.

Side note: I am not sure if it was clear from my last email, but the problem with installing in XE only happened when installing manually from the IDE. So as a temporary workaround, you could try installing with the setup (our setup doesn't do anything you wouldn't do manually anyway), or building from the command line with msbuild instead of with the IDE.

FlexCel 7.6 was released