High DPI / large fonts

I'm writing my first application that is to be for sale. I've been writing programs for over 40 years but only previously for my own use and I'm finding some challenges in producing my first commercial-quality program.

My program uses TMS components wherever possible (grids, smooth controls, tadvspinedit, tadvedit, tadvcolorselector,  tadvradiogroup, tadvofficecheckbox, etc.). The program is almost complete and works well on default Windows settings. I haven't yet tested it with different DPI but I have tested it with large fonts (200%). My form has scaled:=true. Some of the TMS components scale well, others don't scale at all, and the rest scale some but not all of their elements.

Do you have any general guidance on how to produce a scalable and DPI-aware program that is largely based on your components?

I appreciate my question is not very specific, but I am just looking for some general advice to point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.

We strive to ensure that our components will work out of the box with high DPI (when used at minimum with Delphi 10 Seattle or Delphi 10.1 Berlin (as these are the first version that have more or less proper & full high DPI VCL framework support).

If you do encounter some specific issues with high DPI in some components, can you please report details via email support, so we can investigate and when needed apply improvements?

I was testing my program on a virtual Windows machine (VMWare Fusion). When I run it on genuine Windows, the scaling works OK out of the box.