Incorrect scaling of VCL UI Pack components

Delphi 11 Update 3

II have a problem with high dpi design.
I have two environments.
First time - standard dpi (1080p, scale 100%)
Second - high dpi (4k, 150% scale).

Project saved in the first environment opened in the second one.

Completed without touching

"Touching" can be seen here

Application and main form after "Touch".

Main form after project close and open

Opening the project in the first environment causes the components to fall apart again.

Project and second environment settings

We strongly recommend that when you use multiple IDEs to develop a project, to keep all IDEs with the same DPI settings. This is because in the IDE itself, there are already a lot of issues with mixing DPIs at design-time event with standard VCL controls.

Keeping the dpi settings the same will be difficult.
I have no problem scaling standard VCL controls.
Only controls coming from VCL UI Pack components are a problem.
Projects based only on standard VCL controls scale correctly.