Problems in designing high-dpi forms


After having recently obtained a couple of 4K monitors I decided to convert my major app to be high-dpi compliant. This has been a major operation as there is ~100 forms to go through.
I am using the latest Delphi 11.1 and VCL UI pack, and have not seen my problem described elsewhere.
The settings in my Delphi was DPI PerMonitor v2 and High DPI to 'Automatic' and with a comfortable 150% scaling on the monitor. I started out converting glyphs and components to look nice, but the font scaling had a tendency to change whenever saved. When I then changed to my secondary development system, a laptop with 125% scaling, everything went haywire, and I struggled to make sense of the many strange changes taking place, even without me actually changing everything. The changing stuff was almost exclusively TMS component, of which I use a lot.
I have now come to the conclusion that the only stable development system is to set the High DPI VCL designer to Low DPI (96 PPI), which is rather inconvenient on a 4K monitor. However, his makes the final compiled program scale properly when going from low to high-resolution sceen or opening on at different resolutions.
That the problem is still present, is easily seen when I change back to 150% scaling and open Delphi, the forms designer then scales wrongly. Particularly the label fonts are 2-3 point sizes to bit (e.g. TAdvComboBox, TAdvEdit). Curiously components with multiple fonts scale these differently, e.g. TAdvPageControl scales the tab font OK but the ActiveTab is 1-2 point sizes too big, the TAdvStringGrid scales the table font OK, but the FixedFont grows by 1-2 point size). Other components are suddenly 2-3 point sizes smaller. I have even seen different instances of the same component going in opposite directions on the same form!

Do you hav a solution for this or do I have to go on designing at 96 DPI.

Peter Højrup

While we are aware of many issues in the Delphi IDE itself with opening projects that were designed on non-high DPI systems or editing projects with different IDEs using different DPI settings, it should work well to create projects exclusively on 11.1 and on systems with the IDE running on the same DPI.
Do you see such anomalies too when creating a new project and dropping new components on it?