Help Installation

Help installation.  DXE2.  Just a note about installing the help files..  

1) Is there help for the TIWAdvMessageDialog?  Once I got the help installed it doesn't appear there. Is there a PDF document describing the controls?  I see the one for the grids but nothing else.

2) When installing help it must be installed with elevated privileges.  This cumbersome to overcome... it has to run elevated I guess... perhaps installing help as part of the basic install OR providing a proper installer that would auto-elevate would be nice?? :)

Also I always get this error.
unknown Parent namespace:embarcadero.rs_xe2

Some hints wrt help file installation:

1) Make sure you install with the same Windows user account as the one with which you installed the IDE.
2) Make sure the command reghelp2.exe runs with admin privileges
3) Make sure you have write privileges for the folder where the default help is installed
4) Make sure the process DEXPLORER.EXE is not longer running before installing. Kill this process from Task Manager if so

Yes, I believe I followed all of those tips but still seem to get the error mentioned.

Is the RAD Studio help itself properly installed? Try to reinstall / repair it.
Other than these checks, I'm running out of ideas.