Installing help XE2

How do I install help for the IW components on XE2.

The latest help file is XE, no XE2 version exists yet.

Can I just change the namespace in the hxx file or is there more to it than that?

I broke my help file once already trying to hack this. :-( Reinstalls that take that long are a pain.

BTW I dont mind a learning curve but this is painful.

Some suggestions: Advise people to kill the Document Explorer process. It keeps running even when Delphi closes and help is closed.

Open the help file by itself and make sure it says it is updating the help file to reflect your recent changes. Sometimes the IDE open will not do that.

Is there a component or something that I can use to do smart linking to your PDFs. I dont know why you dont put some of the descriptions into the main help files. For someone new to your stuff the terseness of the help files is not a happy situation. 

We'll look at this to rebuild the help files for XE/XE2. I'd not recommend trying to hack a help file created for a different version of the IDE. Moving forward, we put more focus on PDF Developer guides as this gives a much more systematic overview or architecture, design, features and step by step instructions for usage that should be more helpful than jumping for property to property in a help file.

Hmm breaking my decades of well trainned f1 finger...

The terse messages in help are better than you might think. Most of the time it is the Homer Simpson DOH factor that needs a quick fix, not deep browsing for meaning. Productivity comes from fast access to relevant information like how to use it with a quick code example, the usual bag of tricks etc to work with it.
Delphi earned its reputation on the help file more than any other aspect of the system. Just hire a good technical writer, they are so cheap and so very important.

The XE2 compatible IntraWeb help file is available from the "My products" page now.