Installing help for Delphi XE failed


if i installed the help-file (RegHelp2 /i TMSPackdRSXE.hxx), the following was written in the log-file:

Registering D:\Software\Delphi\TMS\tmsdocdxe\tmspackdrsxe.hxx on 28.12.2010 10:39:23
unknown Parent namespace:embarcadero.rs_xe
Parent NameSpace: embarcadero.rs_xe not registered

How can i install the help for Delphi XE?

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Is the default Help of Delphi XE properly working?
The help installer merges the indexes of the standard Delphi XE help with the TMS help file indexes.
When it can't find the standard help or finds something corrupt in the standard help, it might show such error message. I'd suggest to (re)install the Delphi XE online help.