How To read The Help Files

The help didn't install into the RAD Studio help system.
That's ok if I can read them individually but Windows won't open them, it doesn't 'know' what application to use.
What application can I use to read the TMS component help files?

The .HLP files can be directly opened

In Windows 7, you can use this Microsoft utility for this:

Thanks for your reply.
I have tried to install WinHlp.exe but can't get it to work, so the files I want to open are .HxI .HxS .hxx

I've managed to get the WinHelp working and can now read the TMS help files.

They have let me solve a few problems but i still can't set these two properties in a MegaMenu.

Fill.RoundingType := rtBoth;  // Help shows rtBoth but the compiler doesn't like it
Fill.Glow := gmNone; // Help doesn't show a Glow property but from error messages I see there is Fill.Glow which is the glow mode.
I've tried lots of properties such as gmNone, gmNil, gtNone, glNone, but can't guess the syntax for glow mode none.
I've even tried Fill.Glow := gmNone.Please;

Please include the unit GDIPFill in the uses list.

Of course it's not there because the component wasn't dropped onto the form.
Thanks a lot for your help.


unfortunately I'm too stupid to look into the help files of the most recent Version of the TMS component pack

The files are located in "C:\Users\heinzr\Documents\tmssoftware\TMS Component Pack\Help\Delphi XE4" and they with endings HxI, HxS, hxx

Opening directly with HelpViewer (1.1) it tells me, that ...:/Users/heinzr/Documents/TMS%20Co... was not found (thanks to MS for making the box so small, that we cannot read the full Information).

When i Call reghelp2 (as Administrator) in the log file Reghelp2.log it tells me:


Registering C:\Users\heinzr\Documents\tmssoftware\TMS Component Pack\Help\Delphi XE4\TMSPACKdRSXE4.hxx on 10.08.2013 13:46:52


unknown Parent namespace:embarcadero.rs_xe4

Registered HelpFile OK

In the Directory are 2 new files now (HxI and HxS) with the same size as the existing help files, but the names starting with bdshelp. Any ideas, what I can do too look into this help file (and in the optimum case to make it acessable in the XE4 help).

OS ist Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit Version.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanx in Advance,


Is the default XE4 help properly installed? Our help file needs the default help in XE4 to be properly installed as it builds upon the help available. If not, try to do an XE4 repair install first and make sure the default help is installed.

For me it Looks like the XE4 Help System is properly installed - I get contextsensitive help for everythin, that is delivered by Embarcadero.

What does not work is most of TMS Stuff (FlexCell Previewer does work in Help System) and the Fast Report and IPWorks Stuff seem not to be integrated in the help as well (my Test was too Click on the Tool Palette on the Component and then press "F1").

Installed is Help Update 1 - the new Help Update 2 (which seems to be just more Content) is not installed.

Do you Need further Information ?



If you get the error:

"unknown Parent namespace:embarcadero.rs_xe4"
that means the help file installer can't find the needed base help system to which our help needs to be appended.
So, there must at least be something irregular in the way your help is installed or the execution of reghelp2.
This tool is a 3rd party tool though, so unfortunately we do not know the inner workings of the process.

After a long Deinstallation and Installation session I have the TMS Component Pack Help in the XE4 Help System (while "unknown Parent namespace:embarcadero.rs_xe4" is still in the log file of reg2help).

What I did (after various tryouts):

- Deinstall Help System (Update 1)

- Deinstall all TMS components

- Clean Registry from all Entries with TMSSoftware included

- Removed Document Viewer 2005

- Removed Document Viewer 2008

- Always Reboot inbetween

- Cleaned Registry with Tool

- Downloaded Help System Update 2 and unpacked manually the included Docoment Explorer and Language Pack for Document Explorer

- Installed TMS Component Pack

- Run Reg2Help as Admin in the Help Directory

Tadaa - at next start of Borland Help it merged your help in.