XE2 Installing Help

I have Delphi XE2 (network named - with update 3) installed on my PC and when I try to register the help files using 'RegHelp2 /i TMSPackdRSXE2.hxx' in the command window I get the following error log generated.

Registering C:\Users####\Desktop\tmsdocdxe2\TMSPackdRSXE2.hxx on 1/20/2012 1:03:16 PM
unknown Parent namespace:embarcadero.rs_xe2
Insufficient permissions to complete action".

I then made a .cmd file with this command in and ran it as administrator, and I get the following error log generated
Registering C:\Users####\Desktop\tmsdocdxe2\TMSPackdRSXE2.hxx on 1/20/2012 1:12:51 PM
unknown Parent namespace:embarcadero.rs_xe2
Registered HelpFile OK

Any ideas on how to resolve this ?
This error indicates that the default help system in RAD Studio XE2 can't be found.
Can you make sure that:
1) the default help system in your IDE is installed & working
2) you execute the command RegHelp2.exe with the same user account as the user account with which
you installed Delphi or execute it with admin privileges.

I have created a new VCL application and dropped a standard push button on the form. The first time I press F1 I get the correct help up, then when I close that, and press F1 again I get an error window pop up "No help found for TPersistant". 

Clicking on Help -> Delphi Help , I get the Microsoft Document Explorer Window with RAD Studio, Dinkumware, Indy, Rave etc showing on the left hand panel.

I have given the network user (ie me) admin rights to this PC.

TPersistent is a standard VCL class , not a TMS class. So, it would appear your default VCL / IDE help file is damaged. I'd suggest to perform a repair on your IDE Help install.