FNC Grid WEB Core problems

I cannot use FNC grid for input data directly into grid; when I try to append record with keyboard (navigate with Enter key or other way) focus is moved on another row or data inserted appair in other rows.
It's not usable for direct data input, sorry. It's is fast ma only for view records.
If I try with DBGrid it's very slow when I load at least 3-4000 records...

How I can insert data efficiently in a grid?
I'm really stuck and can't find any solution for fast data input with Tms Web Core.

(Furthermore, It's possible to add search/filter editors in every column header?)

TMS WebCore is the ideal tool on a theoretical level for my needs, but then we're not there for the input of tabular data...

TWebDBGrid loads all records in the grid, which is not a recommended pattern in a browser when there are many records involved. The common pattern for this is to use paging and TWebTableControl supports paging for example.
TTMSFNCGrid loads data but paints only visible data.
Can you share the exact TMSFNCGrid property settings and exact keyboard actions you perform so we can reproduce the problem?

Hi Bruno,
the problem is still the same:

After append records in sequence (also with a button, other than with keyboard) The rows are mixed and the focus if wrong,

Please try yourself, we want to obtain the same input sequence (with autoappend after last row) that is in VCL DbGrid;

We will reopen this case

Thanks Bruno