Bug in TMSFNCGrid and TMS Web Core

I've found a serious bug in TMSFNCGrid in TMS Web Core.
I've a TMSFNCGrid connected with a TWebClientDataset through TMSFNCGridDatabaseAdapter.
If I append a record in dataset (via a button), a new row appears in the grid, but if there are several rows in the grid (all the visible grid rows are filled), the VerticalScrollBar does not update well.
The row appears under the visible area and if I try manually to place the focus to the new row, the row disappear.
This don't permits to insert new records.
Please test yourself;


We'll investigate this here as soon as possible


We have investigated this here but couldn't immediately reproduce the issue, can you provide a sample?

Please se the test:
Demo - TMSFNCGrid-20220412172355.zip (3.1 MB)

Can you describe with more precision what you see going wrong with Append? I retested this here and could see a row being inserted (as expected) and I could enter data into this new row. So, not sure what you see going wrong?

Cell alignment can be set via properties only on a column basis. If you want to set this on a row basis, please do so via the event OnGetCellLayout.

Hi Bruno,
where I can send you a short video that show the bug?

Send a link to the video via

Please download here:
Download files - Filemail


Hi, The bug (append records) is still present with latest release.
Sorry, we cannot use this grid in production at this time.


We'll investigate this here as soon as possible.

Hi, any news on this "locking" problem?
I cannot append record and insert data in it.