TMSFMXLiveGrid and read only columns focus issue

   My app will have a TMSFMXLiveGrid  with the last two columns read only.

   I set the Keyboard.EnterKeyHandling with   ekhNextColumnAndRowAppend,  so the user type the column data and the ENTER key pressed the next column is focused.

  The problem is the two last read only columns, they are getting focus on the enter key, I think the proper behavior should be append a new row, because there the following colowns are read only.

  I tried handle it on code, using this after append a new record on the dataset:
Grid.EditCell(cell( 0, Grid.RowCount) )

  Is there a way to avoid a read only column to get focus ?


Did you consider to implement the OnSelectCell() event and set param Allow = false for cells that cannot have focus?

  Hi Bruno,

   Sorry take too long to come back to this.

   But, I tried the event OnSelectCell() and it didn't work like I need,

   I am using the grid with the ekhNextColumnAndRowAppend, but it stops at the cell when the  OnSelectCell()  has the param allow = false,  the celll get focused but without the editor on it.

   We are trying to figured out the best way to achieve this working, we are new to FMX also.

    This two last collumns are calculated using the previous collumn data so this two collumns are ready only.  

We want to speed up the user typing. So the idea is at the last editable collumn, after the user type a valid data and the enter key pressed ( or TAB ),  the current row is saved on the dataset, and a new record is created on the dataset, so the cursor should be at the first collumn of this new row in the grid, but the new row doesnt get focused.

Could you help me ? 
Is it better to create a small sample and send to the support to show what I need ?

Thanks in advance,

It will be better to send a sample source project to support with which we can reproduce this. I assume you use somewhere code to insert a new record in the dataset for the added row, so it will be helpful to see what exact code & settings you use.