FNC Grid direct cell editing (WEB)

I created a fresh Wecbore application, dropped a FNC Grid on the form and compiled. If I input text into a cell that is just focused the first character seems to put the grid into editing mode, the character is added but then the grid moves the cursor in fromt of the first character making all subsequent text appear BEFORE the first character. I did not find a place how to switch this behaviour off. Any help is very appreciated.

We are currently working on a new version and are not able to reproduce this issue here, therefore we suggest to await the next version and re-test your application.

to reproduce this behaviour:

create an empty multi-device application, drop a FNCGrid on the form and compile.
If you click into a cell and type "abc" the cell shows "abc".
If a cell is focused (focus a cell with an arrow keyboard key) and you type "abc" it shows "bca".

(FMXGrid works correctly)

Issue is fixed, next version will address this.