TMSFNCGrid - editing issues.


I want to use TMSFNCGrid for editing some data.
So, I started test TMS FNC UI Pack\Demos\FMX\Grid\Database\ClientDataSet sample.

If I start typing in an cell, first carcater work as expected but second caracter is inserted before the first.

I try to insert an new record.
2.a - use ClientDataSet1.Append;
Dataset records are larger that coul be see in grid view.
In grid apear a new line but when I try to edit, in fact I edited last record.
If before call ClientDataSet1.Append, I maximized App and all record are see, seems to be ok.

2.b. use ClientDataSet1.Insert;
Before call ClientDataSet1.Insert, I select last line in the grid.
After call ClientDataSet1.Insert, a new line apear in corect position but I click on this new line and is filled with data from last line.

If I increased FixedRow for the grid eg FixedRow := 2, the data is showed ok, but when I try to edit penultimate record, in fact I edited the last record.

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We'll investigate this as soon as possible.

Do you have any news about these issues?


My apologies, this has been overlooked. We have added this on our priority list and will look into this as soon as possible.

  1. We have already fixed this issue, the current available version of the TMS FNC UI Pack (v3.5.2.0), should have this addressed.

  2. We'll need more time to investigate this issue, unfortunately it looks like the grid is not able to work with inserted rows and buffered datasets. We'll look into this issue as soon as possible.

  3. Unfortunately, the database adapter is not able to work with More than 1 fixed row. We'll investigate if we can find a workaround for this issue.


We have improved Insert & Append instructions. Next version will address this.

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