Errors in Installation of Asynk 32

I Installed several packages from TMS Software in D2010, D10, D10.1 and D10.2

Delphi 2010: TMS Async 32 ver
Cannot load 'vacommpkgDED2010'. It contains unit 'VaTypes', which is also contained in package 'vacommpkgD2010'

Delphi 10 Seattle: TMS Async 32 ver
Can't load package  C:\Users\Public\Documents...\vacommpkgDEDXE9.bpl

Delphi 10.1 Berlin:

Delphi 10.2 Tokyo:
Can you hemp me with this issue?
Francisco Alvarado

An update that fixes this issue has been released on March 28.

The Subscription manager does not reflect a fix for this.  The last download I did before reporting this same issue was March 23.

I see we had indeed not updated the version nr. for this. Sorry for this.
Fastest will be to download the latest version from the "My products" page after login on our website and run this installer.

My products lists the file as being from March 23 as well.  I will attempt the download, though.

Thanks!  The new release installs cleanly.

I'm sorry Bruno, but I'm receiving same errors...

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