Error after new ASync32 install

" Cannot load package 'vacommpkgDEDXE7.' It contains unit VaTypes, which is also contained in package 'vacommpkgDXE7'.

Can you please verify there are no more old versions of vacommpkgdxe7.bpl / vacommpkgdxe7.dcp and vacommpkgdedxe7.bpl / vacommpkgdedxe7.dcp around on your system before you install the new version?

Only one instance of the BPL files found, using the Windows search.  No DCP versions found on the system.

Windows 7, Delphi 7 / XE7

Uninstalled Async32.
Deleted directory tree.
Scanned computer for vacomm*.* - no files found.
Reinstalled Async32 for Delphi 7 / XE7 only - bypassed XE2, 2010 and Builder versions.
Same error as before.

We cannot see an issue with this here. Can you contact us by email and send the installer generated log file (under \My Documents)?

Link to log file:

We've found the reason for this issue and we're working to have an update to address this asap.