Wafully slow download speeds

I am trying to download the VCL component update from Australia. The speed is awful, a mere fraction of what my ADSL connection is capable of and the sort of download speeds I get from elsewhere. At the moment it is a mere 4.5Kbits/s :(

<grrrr> I must be frustrated! Wafully should have been Awfully </grrr>

Me again, just to complain how unacceptable this is. I see from my emails that this issue has been there since day one. More to the point, I abandoned that last couple of updates because it was going to take days. So where am I now?

The main download, three hours in I think, is less than half complete. So, it will take about six hours to download ~70M. Then the installer will download more stuff, at the same awful low speed, so expect another two hours minimum to complete the install.

As I said, unacceptable!

ARGHHHHH - now the download connection is broken again and there is no resume! So, another six or seven hours if the connection doesn't break.

Time to give up I think

This is out of our control. First of all, we do not see the slow speed you see. Did you test this from a different machine / different connection?
We're going to contact the hosting company to inform what might be causing this.

Meanwhile, contact us by email and we're going to make an alternative download from another server available.

Download speed is really slow. It takes me about 30 minutes to complete downloading everything and I have 10Mbit ADSL.

As I explained, it is out of our control, we have contacted server admins today asking to investigate this.

It won't help repeating the same remark over and over again.
Contact us by email for a temporary alternative download link.

I'm in England and also getting very poor download speeds. 

But even worse than that, when the installer fails after downloading it's Megabytes of extra stuff (3 times already today).  I run the installer again and it doesn't use what it's already downloaded, it starts downloading all over again.  Even if the last download was within the hour.  There's only so much coffee I can drink in a day!

Bruno - I appreciate that you can't fix the download speed, but at least save us the endless redownloading of the extra stuff. 

You can uncheck that the installer will download the extra help & samples (which you can separately download from the "My products" page.

After the update of page, where has the My products page gone? Seems like my subscription that was bought on 10/10-2011 has gone completely, also with my much newer licensnce with Flexcel studio, which should be valid until 09.08.2014


Your question was answered by direct email.

Today I already tried 5 or 6 times to download latest registered version of the VCL components pack. Each time the download timed out after long minutes of waiting even before the browser brought up the "File save" dialog.

This has always been a problem and is unacceptable!
And please don't blame it on the hosting company. If they can't deliver acceptable download speeds you should consider changing the hosting company!

If there is a persisting problem, contact us by direct email and we'll try to help in an alternative way.