Documentation for general TMS components


It would be nice if you had documentation (and possible examples) for your general set of components (TMS group). Most of the components are self-explanatory but there are some components I simply don't know what are they for and how to use them (like TListLink, TLayerdForm etc..). Also, to see the differences between standard VCL components and TMS Adv version set of components. For example, why to use TAdvListView instead of standard TListView etc.

+1. I'm currently investigating some problems with TAdvListView and wanted to read through the docs for any clues, but simply couldn't find any.

We are in the process of converting doc from help file to PDF developer guides.

For TAdvListView, this has not yet happened. If you have TMS Component Pack, TAdvListView is covered in the help file.

In theory, but my C++-Builder Seattle can't open the "older" help file formats anymore. :-)

In that case, use the standalone winhelp viewer to open the Delphi 7 .HLP file.

I've installed the following package, but the .hlp file still is not able to load:

Do you mean any other other viewer?

As far as we know  and used it, this should be capable of opening winhelp .HLP files.
Do you get an error opening it or? 

Some Window opens and tells me something why it can't open the help, because of missing features and such, and forwards me to the following linke:

And this link forwards me to KB917607, which is what I downloaded and installed before and gave me the error description I'm writing about this moment.

I can't see any difference with and without the KB installed, winhlp32.exe is available before, with very old timestamps, and is available after installing with still the same timestamps. There's no other file this name installed in the system and simply no difference in behaviour if I open winhlp32.exe manually or per double clicking the hlp file with or without the KB. Always the same. But ProcMon says that the KB at least does something and it doesn't produce any error message or else. It just doesn't seem to have any effect.

Sorry, but I have no idea why this Microsoft helpfile viewer will not open the .HLP file. Can you open other .HLP files?

I have it now... KB applied or not doesn't make any change on Windows 8.1 x64, regardless of .hlp file, tried some others of different older software as well. It simply doesn't seem to work anymore, even in a somewaht clean test VM.

Windows 7 on the other hand doesn't open the hlp file without the KB applied as well, but with it applied it can open other older hlp files and those suggested of Delphi 7 for TMS Component Pack. I can live with that, so thanks for your hint.

I guess it simply doesn't work anymore with Win 8.1, regardless of what KBs MS still provides. Or is it working for you?

There is a 32bit & 64bit download at:

Are you using the 64bit download? This explicitly mentions Windows 8.1

Yes, both x64 for Win 7 and 8.1. I even tried the 32 Bit version, but that didn't install and instead gave me an error message about that the patch is not suitable for my system.

Sorry, I'm running out of ideas in that case why the Microsoft help file viewer isn't working for you.