DBAdvEdit Update problem

Steps to create the problem are...
Create a new VCL application
Drop FDMemTable, DataSource, DBNavigator and DBAdvEdit on a Form
Fill FDMemTable with field ID(integer) and title(varchar20)
insert 3 records
Run application
If content of DBAdvEdit is changed and posted at runtime, the content of the DBAdvEdit stays the same for other records while browsing through other records.
I've the same strange behaviour on FireBird also, but it's easier to test with FDMemTable.
If I use DBEdit instead of DBAdvEdit everything works fine as expected.
Tested this on two different Computers with Delphi 10.3.3 and Delphi Seattle with latest VCL UI Pack.
There was a change in your DBAdvEdit.pas in the last few days...
or it's only me again who has this strange issue - something must be quite odd with my installation.

We've investigated & seen this regression.
We've fixed this. The next update will address this.

Hi Bruno,

thanks for testing - I switched back to VCL UI Pack
No need to hurry from my side !

Regards, Tom

Hi Bruno

I'm really delighted to learn that it wasn't me that made a mistake in my coding.
I fought against this new very strange behaviour of my TDBAdvEdit. (ver.:
I have replaced DBAdvEdit with DBAdvMaskEdit, and it works
But I have plenty of projects using this data aware component, so hopefully next update is available soon

We aim for early next week.