Working with DBAdvEdit

Hi !

I start to use DBAdvEdit instead of DBEdit, and found some problem.

DBAdvEdit.FloatValu, .IntValue, .Text.
If i set / get value in code, the value is incorrect in general.
In the last incident: In the DBAdvEdit.OnExit proc i set the DBAdvEdit value (DBAdvEdit.FloatValue:=50). In the next line, the value is correct (Watch), but if the program exit from proc, the value is incorrect, not changed.

The problem possible reproduce: put the IBX.IBDataSet. and DBAdvEdit to a form.

It's a bug, or i don't use right the DBAdvEdit ?

Now i use DBAdvEdit.DataSource.DataSet.FieldByName(DBAdvEdit.DataField).AsFloat, it's work correct.

DBAdvEdit.EditType=etMixedCase or DBAdvEdit.EditType=etAlphaNumeric.
These work only standard English characters. For example éáű not work exact.


TMS, Delphi 7,IBX.IBDataset XP

This problem will be fixed in the next update of TDBAdvEdit.

Thank you, i wait for this.

The next TMS CP will come in this week ?    :-))

The problem was fixed in TMS CP Thanks.