DBAdvGrid Access violation at design-time

I've a strange error at design-time with DBAdvGrid latest Version latest Version in Delphi 10.3.3 on two different machines.
Tested that also on Delphi 10 Seattle and seems to be the same problem.
Steps to reproduce...
New VCL application
Throw a FDMemTable, a DataSource and a DBAdvGrid on the form.
Create fields id (integer) and title (string) in FDMemTable
Connect the components, set FDMemTable active to True and then active to False.
Here I get an access-violation when setting active to False!
I have this behaviour also on FB Connection with FDQuery but with FDMemTable it is easier to reproduce and test for others.
This behaviour does not occur if I replace the DBAdvGrid with Delphi standard DBGrid.

Could someone please test if it is just me or tell me what I am doing wrong here ?

Thanks, Tom

I was not able to reproduce this.

Don't you get a prompt asking to auto remove columns when setting FDMemTable.Active to false?
If I disconnect the DBAdvGrid by clearing property DataSource in ObjectInspector it does ask to autoremove columns. If I just close the dataset, the access-violation appears immediately and does not ask.
Also if i click "Remove all colums" in the DesignHelper I get an access-Violation.

I could not reproduce this.

Does this happen with a specific version of the IDE? 
Do you have another IDE/machine to test with?

Hello Bruno,
I tested it on Delphi Rio and Delphi Seattle on two different machines - with the same result. Since it's only happening here it's pretty sure that something in my environments must be problematic. For now it's not a critical issue - it's just a bit invonvenient. There is an update on the VCL UI Pack in the next days anyhow and the needed un-/reinstall might help...

We plan to release an update in the beginning of this week.