Problem with DBAdvMemo in

When use the DBAdvMemo and query is opened, it immediately switches to the edit mode.
If EditCanModify, defined in the Procedure LinesChanged, is uncovered then it is no longer changed to edit mode.

Tested with Delphi7 and Delphi Rio.

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Can you please check TMS Component Pack v9.0.2.0 as an improvement to TDBAdvMemo was done in this update.

i mean

I cannot reproduce this with TDBAdvMemo v3.6.2.22.
It is tested with a TADOQuery with a DB field connected to TDBAdvMemo but when ADOQuery.Open is called, it does not switch to edit mode,it remains in browse mode.

I can confirm this is happening.

Tokyo Enterprise
Component Pack

Datamodule with
FD connection to MSSQL

MainForm with DBGrid and DataSource pointing to DM.FDQuery

MainForm.FormShow opens the FDQuery, and has a TDBGrid (browse mode).

From MainForm, I have a button that creates a DetailForm with TDBAdvEdits, each connected to DetailForm.DSrc

In MainForm, after DetailForm created, I assign DM.DataSource.Dataset to DetailForm.DSrc.Dataset.

After I click the "show details" button and DetailForm appears, if there are only TDBAdvEdits on the form, then the grid (and FDQuery) stay in browse mode.

If I add a TDBAdvMemo to the DetailForm, then when it appears the grid and FDQuery go into edit mode.

That's a messy enough description that I think a demo project may be needed - let me know if you want me to send one.


Please make a demo with standard VCL components & TMS components. 

We cannot install third party components here on development machines.
Once again

Please try the Demo
In the demo I use VirtualTable from UniDAC. There are 2 buttons, once without the DBAdvMemo is used and once with DBAdvMemo. If DBAdvMemo is used, the DBNavigator  switches to the edit mode.

Demo changed. It is used FireDAC. Same link as in the previous post.

It was internally already fixed. Contact us by email for an incremental source update.