Problem with DBAdvEdit in

I've got a problem with TDBAdvEdit since updating to latest Component Pack

If I drop a TDBADVEdit Component on a Form and afterwards press remove on the Keyboard to remove the component from the form the IDE crashes. Tested that with Seattle and Tokyo. Of Course this is useless and was not my root-problem but this way i could boil it down to something reproduceable...

When I uninstall and re-install everything is fine as expected.

Would be great, if someone could try that and get back to me. I'm Fighting this issue the whole afternoon and already think, I get nuts...  

Thanks/Regards, Tom

We already got this problem report and traced & solved the problem. We'll release an update tomorrow that will address this.

Umpf - ok - it's anyway time to finish for me today and take a walk with my wife?

Thanks Bruno!

It can never harm to give some attention to your better half :) Enjoy!

Great ;-) 
See you at the EKON next week...

Cool! Till monday!