Component Pack install issues

Using the TMS installer, I just installed the latest Component Pack.  When I compiled my project I got the following error:

[DCC Error] AdvSprd.pas(2182): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'Max'

The TMS AdvSprd code referred to is below.

If this were my code I would do something.  But this is TMS code.  I am dead in the water.  Any suggestions?


TMS Unit: AdvSprd
procedure TAdvSpreadGrid.ErrorHandler(Sender: TObject; ACol, ARow, ErrType,
  ErrPos, ErrParam: Integer; ErrStr: string);
  ErrLen: Integer;
  if ErrType in [Error_InvalidQualifier,Error_InvalidGridRef] then
    ErrLen := Max(1,Length(ErrStr))
    ErrLen := 1;



This isn't the latest version code. I suspect you still have old version files around. Please make sure to clean up old version source files.
Also, the same question was sent and meanwhile answered by direct email. Please do not double post support questions.

OK.  I still need some help.  The TMS installer uninstalled the previous version and installed the latest.  Tell me specifically what to do to find these so-called old version source files and consign them to programming hell.

Search your entire HD for advsprd.pas & advutil.pas and delete all versions you find that do not belong to the one & only version that should be on your system.

I deleted the new install.  check my paths and deleted all residual TMS paths.  Found an old folder with a 2014 version of the TMS spreadsheet ... deleted it.  Reinstalled the new component set ... and now everything is fine, birds are singing, snow is melting ... but Trump is still my President.  Can you help with this as well?
Thanks for your rapid response.  Stupid me ... updating components when I have a meeting in an hour with a client.


Glad you're up & running again!